A Simple, Powerful REST API for Accessing Genscape Data

The Genscape API Portal is a set of self-serve tools that analysts, traders, and developers can use to manage their access to the Genscape Data API service. The Data API service is built to allow you to create a functional application, integrate Genscape data into existing workflows and processes, or integrate quickly and easily with your favorite business intelligence toolset.

The Genscape API Portal is comprised of the following main areas:

  • API List that lists available APIs, their definitions, code samples and Try It functionality that lets you test APIs directly within the portal.
  • Getting Started tutorial where you can quickly learn how to use and leverage the Data API service.
  • Microsoft Excel tutorial that demonstrates how to connect the Data API service to Microsoft Excel.
  • My Genscape Account that links you to your account page where you can access and manage your API key and view your Genscape subscriptions.
  • API Profile where you can view basic account information and manage your API key.
  • API Usage Analytics where you can view current and historical API call usage and failure detail.

All of the Genscape Data APIs are organized around REST - if you've interacted with a RESTful API already, many of the concepts will be familiar to you. All Data API calls to Genscape should be made to the https://api.genscape.com base domain. We use many standard HTTP features, like HTTP Get and Post verbs, which can be understood by many HTTP clients. JSON, XML or CSV can be returned in all responses from the API, including errors. The Data APIs are designed to have predictable, straightforward URLs and to use HTTP response codes to indicate API errors.

Authentication and Accounts

The Genscape Data API service utilizes an API key for authentication. Your API key can be accessed either from your My Account page or your API Profile. The best way to get started is to navigate to the API List section of the Genscape API Portal, select your desired API, and click "Try It." See our Get Started tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Rate Limits

Individual accounts are subject to rate limiting. Genscape has the following limits in place for API requests:

  • 30 requests per minute.

Genscape reserves the right to change or deprecate the APIs over time - we will provide developers ample notification in those cases.